Saturday, February 12, 2011

Discharge Thundercloud
(Exhibition - ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions)

Ken Kagajo (Japan)

This blogspot contains posts of artworks that have featured in my curated international exhibition - ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions. For your convenience I have listed these posts below.
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The Japanese and Australian contribution to - ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions – will be on the blogspot for the next seven weeks, thereby completing the contributions to this exhibition

The catalog of the exhibition is far more detailed in terms of opening addresses and artist’s biographies, curriculum vitae and statements etc. and moreover, is a holistic record of the exhibition itself.

Synopsis of Artwork: Discharge Thundercloud
In the field of dyeing, there are many excellent traditional techniques in Japan. Having studied dyeing at university, I endeavored to depart from stereotypical expressions based on those established techniques. My emotions and the traces of my movement of spreading paste with the squeegee are expressed as beautifully dyed images on cloth, fully reflecting improvisation that was out of the question with traditional techniques.

Discharge using paste, hydrosulfite on velveteen.
Size: 92 (width) x 400 cms (length); display size - 92 (width) x 300 cm (length).

(a) Discharge Thundercloud (Ken Kagajo) centre artwork.
Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, NSW, Australia (left and right artworks by Claudia Helmer - see earlier post).
Photograph courtesy Cedric Boudjema, Director, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery.

(b) Discharge Thundercloud Ken Kagajo) centre artwork.
Orange Regional Art Gallery, NSW, Australia.
Photograph courtesy Marie-Therese Wisniowski.

(c) Discharge Thundercloud (Ken Kagajo) centre artwork.
Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia (left artwork by Claudia Helmer, right artwork by Norma Staszakowna - see earlier posts).
Photograph courtesy Marie-Therese Wisniowski.

(d) Discharge Thundercloud (Ken Kagajo) centre artwork.
Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia.
Photograph courtesy Marie-Therese Wisniowski.

(e) Discharge Thundercloud (Ken Kagajo) - full view.

(f) Discharge Thundercloud (Ken Kagajo) - detailed view.

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