Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flames Unfurling...Life Returning
Disperse Dye ArtCloth

Marie-Therese Wisniowski

Over the past decade or so, I have created a new signature technique named MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS). This technique employs disperse dyes and involves hand printing multiple resists and multiple overprinted layers, employing numerous color plates and plant materials. The completed works are rich in color, light, shade, contrast, movement, depth, and moreover, yield a three-dimensional quality to the finished printed artworks. For your convenience, I have listed the following posts on this blogspot that also features this technique using cloth as the medium.
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The dyptich – Flames Unfurling…Life Returning – will be exhibited at the “Transformation” exhibition at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, Sydney, Australia between the 20th May - 3rd July 2011. It is curated by Helen Lancaster. If you are in the vicinty view the exhibition as it has a lot to offer. It will be featured on this blog site at a later date.

For this exhibition I used my signature technique - MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) – to create a dyptich.

Synopsis of Artwork: Flames Unfurling...Life Returning
The Australian landscape has been and will always be bedevilled by bushfires. To this day, the manner in which Australian biota has tolerated and then exploited bushfires for reproductive advantage is still not understood and so is a topic of debate.

Some argue that the transformative nature of Australian bushfires to effect evolutionary change was due to natural processes such as convection storms and lightening etc. Others argue that - with the introduction of Aboriginals, who colonized a naive continent some 40,000-60,000 years ago - their use of a “fire-stick” management of the Australian landscape triggered the evolutionary and ecological expansion of fire surviving plants.

The “Flames Unfurling . . . Life Returning” dyptich is a metaphor to encapsulate the following: in the wake of adversity (e.g. such as the bush fires that devastated Victoria) life forms adapt to re-emerge - whenever and where ever possible.

Technique: The artist’s signature technique - MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) - employs disperse dyes on satin.
Size: Each Panel is 60 cm (width) x 120 cm (length).

Flames Unfurling – full view.

Flames Unfurling – detail view.

Flames Unfurling – another detail view.

Flames Unfurling – another detail view.

Flames Unfurling – another detail view.

Life Returning – full view.

Life Returning – detail view.

Life Returning – another detail view.

Life Returning – another detail view.

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