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Under Pressure
Exhibition - ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions

Laura Ann Beehler (USA)

This blogspot contains posts of artworks that have featured in my curated international exhibition - ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions. For your convenience I have listed these posts below.
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Instalments of artist statements and a snapshot of their work in the exhibition will feature on a weekly basis.

The catalog of the exhibition is far more detailed in terms of opening addresses and artist’s biographies, curriculum vitae and statements etc. and moreover, is a holistic record of the exhibition itself.

Synopsis of Artwork: Under Pressure
A fleeting idea, a glimpse of color, a smell or perhaps the touch of an appealing surface will set my soul off on another journey across expanse of white fabric.

Under Pressure began as a distinct attraction to the rich warm bronze and cool blue color combination. My next piece was begging me to incorporate the colors that spoke so strongly to me. As the bronze and blue colors combined with serendipitous textures layered down the length of cloth, images of rock buried deep in the earth began to emerge. The cloth began speaking to me of waiting, of patience, of time. I explored directions the fabric could go, yet not feel any of the directions calling me, so I continued to wait. I studied the layers developing on the fabric. I saw similarities of the formation of this cloth to the formation of precious metal or priceless jewels.  Both depend on layers, time and pressure.  Layers are dependent on what comes before; yet push the previous layer down. Never destroying the prior layers, but needing them for support. Only under pressure do precious metal and jewels develop. Time. Patience.  Pressure. The creation of my fabrics is so similar! As I waited with the pressure of deadlines looming, images of gold veins, cracks and fissures came to mind. It was the direction the fabric was calling me to take.

So with Life - time and patience are needed to permit layers to build, pressure is needed to produce the desired results. View Under Pressure in the literal sense, but also figuratively. Precious results take time and patience.  We depend on layers of learning, time to digest the lessons and the pressure of life in general, in order to create these precious results.

Deconstructed silk screen, painting with thickened dyes, dye wash, mark making with pen, burning, gold leafing on silk broadcloth.
Size: 81 cm (width) x 300 cm (length).

(a) Under Pressure at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, New South Wales (left artwork, and right artwork by Jeanne Raffer Beck - see future post).
Photograph courtesy Cedric Boudjema, Director, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery.

(b) Under Pressure at Orange regional Art Gallery, New South Wales; (left artwork, and right artwork by Jeanne Raffer Beck - see future post).
Photograph courtesy Marie-Therese Wisniowski.

(c) Under Pressure at Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Queensland (fourth artwork from left, see future posts for all other artworks).
Photograph courtesy Karen Tyler, Director, Redcliffe City Art Gallery.
Photography by Al Sim.

(d) Under Pressure - full view.

(e) Under Pressure - detailed view

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