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Autumn Splendor
ArtCloth Banner Project

Guest Editor - Teresa Paschke

In 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Teresa Paschke. Teresa was the workshop co-ordinator for the Surface Design Association (SDA) and Textile Centre’s International “Confluence” conference that was held from the 9th to 12th June in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA where I tutored my “Melding Experiences: New Landscapes Using Disperse Dyes and Transfer Printing” workshop. Teresa also exhibited an outstanding body of work titled, “New Tools and Ancient Techniques” at The Gage Family Art Gallery, Ausberg College, Minneapolis, which was featured before, during and after the conference. Teresa Paschke is now on the SDA board.

Teresa Paschke is an Associate Professor at the Integrated Studio Arts, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa (USA) where she teaches textile design and follows her research interests in contemporary fiber art, historical embroidery and digital printing on fabric.

To celebrate the 2011 fall season, Teresa and her students worked on a series of large banner projects employing MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) processes using disperse dyes on polyester fabrics. This post features some of the visually rich, complex and beautiful works that the students created under Teresa’s supervision.

I know you will enjoy her guest editorship of her university student project: “Autumn Splendor”.

Autumn Splendor
Guest Editor: Associate Professor Teresa Paschke
Textile Design, Iowa State University (Iowa, USA)

Inspired by one of my favorite times of the year, I introduced my textile students to disperse dyes and, using the flora of the season, they printed stunningly beautiful textile compositions. Students were asked to collect a wide variety of leaves to work with and we spent the morning painting designs on paper using yellow, red, blue, and black disperse dyes (we also mixed colors to create purple, green and orange). Using a heat press and 14 inch squares of polyester fabric, students arranged the leaves that served as resists onto the fabric, placed dyed papers on top and pressed the layers in 350 degrees (this made the leaves somewhat brittle). Leaves were added, shifted, and/or removed and the process was repeated until the designs were complete. The printed squares will be stitched together to create striking banners that will hang in our college atrium.

The Students
Note: All photographs below are with courtesy from Associate Professor Teresa Paschke.

Group photo from left to right:
Back Row: Kelsey Gill, Brittney Lynch, Brooke Batterson, Donny Chen, Jennifer Sonner, Christine Prince.
Front Row: Binnie Bae, Kate Derksen, Karen Schmidt, Ananya Arora, Jordan Delzell, Rahele Jomepour.

Kelsey Gill positioning her piece prior to printing using the heat press.

Completed Banner Project And Detailed Views

One of the completed banners featuring each of the students individual pieces which have been stitched together to create the completed piece.

Detail view of Jordan Delzell’s MSDS artwork.

Detail view of Jennifer Sonner’s MSDS artwork.

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