Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Wall Flower" and "Worlds in Collision"
SDA Exhibited ArtCloth Works

Marie-Therese Wisniowski

I have exhibited a number of ArtCloth works with the Surface Design Association (SDA) in juried and members exhibitions over a period spanning almost two decades. The two ArtCloth works that have not appeared on this blogspot are Wall Flower and Worlds in Collision. Today I will rectify this oversight.

Wall Flower (ArtCloth)
Artist Statement: The Australian Waratah is a distinctive flower that was a major feature of the 1930s Japanese-styled wood block prints of Margaret Preston - a well-known Australian artist. This tribute to her places the flower in a modern context, namely, juxtaposed in front of a Post Graffiti wall.

Exhibition History: 'Surface Matters', 2009 Surface Design Association (SDA) Members Exhibition', Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, USA.

Technique and Media: Silk screened, stenciled, stamped and hand painted employing pigments, dyes, gel medium, silicate and coal on cotton.

Size: 46 cm (height) x 46 cm (width).

Wallflower (Full View).

Wallflower (Detail View 1).

Wallflower (Detail View 2).

Wallflower (Detail View 3).

Worlds in Collision (ArtCloth)
Artist Statement: Sam Harris in his book, ‘The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and Future Reason’ and Marie-Therese Wisniowski in her book, ‘Not in My Name’ both claimed the Iraq war (and the subsequent civil war) was a clash of faiths. ‘Worlds in Collision’ depicts that the clash of two world-views creates a greater devastation than the individual devastation inflicted by each, on the other.

Exhibition History: 'Sum of the Parts', 2007 Surface Design Association (SDA) Members Exhibition', Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, USA. ʻFabricateʼ, Contemporary Surface Design Exhibition, Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Ararat, Victoria, Australia (2007). ʻFabricateʼ, Contemporary Surface Design Exhibition, Textile Art at the Guild Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (2007). '2007 Australian Cotton Fibre Expo', Exhibition, Narrabri, NSW, Australia.

Technique and Media: Dyed, discharged, over dyed, lino block prints and the artist's signature matrix formatted silk screen prints on cotton.

Size: 142 cm (height) x 50 cm (width).

Worlds in Collision (Full View).

Worlds in Collision (Detail View 1).

Worlds in Collision (Detail View 2).

Worlds in Collision (Detail View 3).

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