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ArtCloth Swap and Exhibition
ArtCloth Article

Marie-Therese Wisniowski

My artwork has appeared in a number of exhibitions which has been featured on this blog spot. For your convenience I have listed these posts below.

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Man-Made Fish Kills

During June 11th - 13th 2011 ArtWear Publications hosted and exhibited Australia’s biggest ArtCloth Swap in conjunction with the Textile Art Festival, which was held at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Queensland.

Surface designers who contributed to the “ArtCloth Swap” were asked to decorate a 70 cm square piece of silk, which could include some of the following processes and media: dyeing, over-dyeing, shibori, discharge, rubbings, stamping, stenciling, screen printing, hand painting and foiling using dyes, paints, crayons, stitching, applique and embroidery.

After the Textile Art Festival closed, each participant was sent a surprise piece of ArtCloth that was created by one of the other “Swap” artists. The Swap was fun, challenging and showcased the diversity and creativity of ArtCloth enthusiasts.

Images and information about the ArtCloth Swap and Exhibition have been published in the September 2011, Issue No. 7 of Embellish magazine (ArtWear Publications). The issue will be available in newsagents until December. It is also available via subscription. Hence in order to ensure that this blog does not contain the full article (for ethical reasons) only some of the excellent contributions are presented here. I apologize for those who were not included in this blog but who nevertheless made the article in Embellish such a compelling “view”.

Below you can see some of the stunning entries that were showcased during the exhibition.

Disclaimer: Marie-Therese Wisniowski, Art Quill Studio, and Art Quill & Co have no financial interest in ArtWear Publications or Embellish magazine.

Some Of The ArtCloth Works In The Swap And Exhibition
People’s Choice Winner

“Daisy Daze” by Deb Clarke (full view).
Colored with turmeric and liquid acrylic fabric paints using marble resist technique.
Embellished with pearlescent ink. Overlaid with chiffon, hand stitched and heat gunned.

“Daisy Daze” by Deb Clarke (detailed view).

Highly Commended

“Untitled” by Jane Dunnewold (full view).
Interfacing stencil print and thickened fiber reactive dyes; gold leaf. Inspired by the paradox of the intersection of life (plant forms) but also death (regenerated by the skeletons).

“Untitled” by Jane Dunnewold (detailed view).

Highly Commended

“Corrosion” by Linda Stokes (full view).
Deconstructed screen prints, thermofax, mono prints using Procion MX, chocolate and wine bottle packaging, to produce interesting designs with free, unstructured print processes.

“Corrosion” by Linda Stokes (detailed view).

Highly Commended

“Natural Treasures” by Marie-Therese Wisniowski (full view).
Inspired by the pristine waterways and scenery of the unique wilderness of the Huon Valley in Tasmania, Australia. Dyed, over-dyed, shibori over-dyed, discharged, hand painted and foiled on silk habutai.

“Natural Treasures” by Marie-Therese Wisniowski (detailed view).

Some Other Contributors

“Tumbling Flowers” by Marj (full view).
Dyed with Procion MX, over-dyed, deColourant discharge applied to sponge flower shape, flower stencils with Shiva Paintstiks, mulberry bark to print and heavy lace as stamp.

“Tumbling Flowers” by Marj (detail view).

“Under the Silk Tree” by Gail Stahmer (full view).
Background from masses of leaves and pods dropped from silk tree, transfer dyes, stamping, silk screening, flour paste, stenciling, foiling,and stitching.

“Under the Silk Tree” by Gail Stahmer (detail view).

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