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Sea Scrolls. Celebrating 50 Years of Print
Prints on Cloth and Prints on Paper

Marie-Therese Wisniowski

‘Sea Scrolls. Celebrating 50 Years of Print’ was an exhibition conceived by the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc. (NPW) exhibition committee to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Print Council of Australia. The exhibition was held at Art Systems Wickham, Newcastle, 21st to 30th October 2016. Works by 25 members of the NPW were exhibited. My ArtCloth work - Fleeting - has been a subject of a previous post and so will not be shown below, although it was shown in this exhibition.

Based in Adamstown, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop (NPW) Inc is a community based group of printmakers who work in a variety of printmaking media (e.g. solar print, intaglio, relief, lithography and screen printing. It is the longest running workshop in Australia. Established in 1979 as a non-profit organization its aims are:
• to provide access to equipment and workshop space for the benefit of practicing artists, students, ex-students and beginners.
• to arrange classes in the techniques of printmaking.
• to develop a public awareness of printmaking, particularly with regards to distinguishing 
between an original print and a reproduction.

The history of the NPW has been well documented (see NPW History) and for any further enquiries please email them (

The NPW logo.

The exhibition was held at "Art Systems Wickham" (ASW). It was established in 2008 by the gallery’s owner/director Colin Lawson. ASW is located at 40 Annie Street, Wickham, NSW 2293. It is close to the highly popular Honeysuckle Precinct and Newcastle’s bustling harbor fringe. ASW is a contemporary art-space that endeavors to promote cutting edge art of diverse forms by leading art practitioners. The artworks that are exhibited at ASW are original, inspiring, high quality contemporary works of art that are competitively priced. The gallery also boasts an extensive stockroom of artworks by prominent mid career and emerging artists. The gallery is available to successful applicants, both artists and curators on a rental basis. Located in a warehouse in the heart of Wickham, Newcastle, the gallery has approximately 25 metres of wall space and a floor area of 60 sq. metres. All walls are professionally finished and are fitted with hanging rails. Professional track lighting is installed throughout. Opening hours are Friday to Sunday 11 am - 4 pm. The gallery may be accessed outside the advertised opening times in consultation with the director. For further enquiries please email the director Colin Lawson (

The ASW logo.

Exhibition Concept
In February 2016 Gina McDonald, the Exhibitions Co-ordinator for the NPW, sought 'Expressions of Interest' from members of the NPW to explore and interpret their response to the “Sea” by creating scrolls to be hung or displayed in approximately a one meter space per artist. The work printed on the scrolls could in turn be printed on archival paper to be sold as smaller unframed works.

The criteria for the exhibition was based on the following:
Sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft once said that the ocean "is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time." We land-dwellers can sometimes take the ocean for granted, but we really shouldn't, since the Earth's surface is 70% water. When you think of it that way, this is the ocean's planet, and we're just guests.

‘Sea Scrolls. Celebrating 50 Years of Print’ - Exhibition Images
The images below feature photographs from the exhibition opening. The artists works below are featured as a full view and a detail view of each individual artwork in the exhibition. I hope you will enjoy this exhibition as much as I have.
Note: All photographs unless otherwise stated are courtesy of the author.

Opening night.
Photograph courtesy NPW.

Opening night.
Photograph courtesy NPW.

Opening night.
Photograph courtesy NPW.

Artist: Samantha Powell.
Title: Throsby (Full View).
Technique: Linocut.

Title: Throsby (Detail View).

Artist: Lisa Kirkpatrick.
Title: Sea Change (Full View).
Technique and Media: Silkscreen on rice paper.

Sea Change (Detail View).

Artist: Amanda Donohue.
Title: High Tide (Full View).
Technique: Woodcut.

Title: High Tide (Detail View)

Artist: Robin Hundt.
Title: Luminescence (Full View).
Technique: Woodcut.

Title: Luminescence (Detail View).

Artist: Jim Williams.
Title: Untitled (Full View).
Technique : Silkscreen.

Title: Untitled (Detail View).

Artist: Helene Leane.
Title: Above (Full View), Below (Full View).
Technique: Gouache monotype.

Title: Below (Detail View).

Artist: Anne Maree Hunter.
Left Title: Song of the Sea-shell (Full View). Right Title: Chorale Bleaching and the Mermaid’s Tears (Full View). Technique and Media: Linoprint with hand-stamping and thermo powder on a pianola roll.

Right Title: Chorale Bleaching and the Mermaid’s Tears (Detail View).

Artist: Linda Swinfield.
Title: Passage series 2016 (Full View).
Technique: Screenprint and solar plate.

Title: Passage series 2016 (Detail View).

Artist: Jeanne Harrison.
Title: Script of the Sea (Full View).
Technique: Etching.

Title: Script of the Sea (Detail View).

Artist: Pauline Tickner.
Title: Rising Tide (Full View).
Technique: Woodblock, chine colle.

Title: Rising Tide (Detail View).

Artist: Penny Wilson.
Title: Message in a bottle (Full View).
Technique: Installation, mixed media.

Title: Message in a bottle (Detail View).

Artist: Patricia Wilson-Adams.
Title: Wail (Full View).
Technique and Media: Letterpress on Rives BFK.

Title: Wail (Detail View).

Artist: IIeana Clarke.
Title: Weightless/Weightlessness (Full View).
Technique: Charcoal monotype.

Title: Weightless/Weightlessness (Detail View).

Artist: Gianna Fallavollita.
Title: Seashells and Seaweed (Full View).
Technique: Colllograph and drypoint.

Title: Seashells and Seaweed (Detail View).

Artist: Jen Castaldi.
Title: Tidal Existence (Full View).
Technique: Solar Plate.

Title: Tidal Existence (Detail View).

Artist: Gina McDonald.
Title: Rain catcher (Full View).
Technique: Woodcut, collograph and gold leaf.

Title: Rain catcher (Detail View).

Artist: Lynne Britten.
Title: Indigo Flow (Full View).
Technique and Media: Dye and fabric paint on cotton.

Title: Indigo Flow (Detail View).

Artist: Vale Zakarauskas.
Title: The Wave (Full View).
Technique: Collograph, etching, encaustic.

Title: The Wave (Detail View).

Artist: Megan Lewis.
Title: All that he could see see see,
all that he could see see sea.. (Full View)
Technique: Stencil.

Title: All that he could see see see,
all that he could see see sea.. (Detail View)

Artist: Robyn Culley.
Title: The Offering (Full View).
Technique: Collograph.

Title: The Offering (Detail View).

Artist: Michelle Strazzari.
Title: Life Forms Below (Full View).
Technique: Woodcut.

Title: Life Forms Below (Detail View).

Artist: Therese Gabriel Wilkins.
Title: Playtime at the Beach (Full View).
Technique and Media: Hand printed on cotton.

Title: Playtime at the Beach (Detail View).

Artist: Jane Collins.
Title: Seal Rocks I & II (Full View).
Technique: Drypoint.

Title: Seal Rocks I (Detail View).

Artist: Judy Henry.
Title: Hooked, after Magritte (Full View).
Technique: Stencil.

Title: Hooked, after Magritte (Detail View).


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